Adventure Road - There is everything you can imagine and more at Beyond Resort Karon, and indeed beyond Karon. From sea kayaking to hiking and sailing to diving. It’s all here.

At Your Fingertips

There’s so many great things to see at Phuket it can leave heads spinning. But the great thing is they are all within easy reach.

Marine Masterpiece

On Phuket’s doorstep is Phang Nga Bay, a national marine park featuring some of the planet’s best tropical islands and coral reef formations teeming with marine life.

Land A Big One

A catch-and-release policy has resulted in abundant fish stocks off Phuket. Spellbinding Phang Nga is the perfect place to conceive a great fishing tale.

Trekking Good Fun

Phuket has excellent nature tours that take you into the heart of its national parks, providing a close-up view of the island’s rich and diverse flora and fauna.

Hopping Fun

Consider a spot of island hopping. Sail away to explore Karon’s famous limestone karsts for a day. Find your own castaway island for lunch. Magic happens at Phuket.